JL Computer Services

All purchases are accompanied with FREE deliveries and FREE standard installations (unless extra charges are quoted before the deal). Just Call/Email For Other IT Services That Are Not Listed Here. We Will Try Our Best To Fulfill OR At Least Assist You For Your Requirements ...
No Network Services Software Services Computer Services
1. Systems Integrations (Wired & Wireless) Standard & Mobile WebSite Development (HTML5 & CSS3, Wix Platform) PC and NoteBook Repairs
2. Network Infrastructure Proposals Facebook Messenger Chatbot and Android Mobile App Development PC and NoteBook Upgrades
3. Network Maintenance Contract Applied Machine Learning Projects and Customised Software Computer Maintenance Contract
4. Microsoft Windows Server 2019 Essential/Standard Installations Acquire, Manage & Query Large DataSets And Ingest & manipulate Streaming Data Data Backup & Recovery
5. Surveillance Cameras (Digital/Analogue) Installations Software API Development And Software Maintenance Contract Relocate Networks And Computers for Moving Offices
6. Remote Support for Network Remote Support for Software Trouble-Shootings OR Licence Renewals by TeamViewer, UltraViewer & AnyDesk Remote Support for Computers
7. Network & Electrical Cablings Removal of Viruses & Spyware Trade-In Used NoteBook & PC
8. Singnet, StarHub & viewQuest Broadband Services Accounting Services, Digital and Content Marketing Services Setup & Configure Newly Purchased PCs

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Download Software :

1. Teamviewer

2. AnyDesk

3. Panda Dome Essential

4. Trend Micro Internet Security

5. AVG File Server

6. Windows 11 Compatibility Test