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Desktop Computers under the Label of JL were custom-built since 1995. Customers chose JL OEM PCs over major brands (HP, Lenovo or Dell) because JL OEM PCs are flexible in pricing and in systems specifications. Most importantly JL OEM PCs are generally very durable, and some customers used JL OEM PCs for more than 10 Years without replacing them. Another important reason our customers like to buy JL OEM PCs is because of our personalised services and FREE add-on services (like software configurations, network setup or printers setups).

Every customer has specific needs and has their own budgets to pick a desktop PC. JL OEM PCs are built according to their needs (e.g for normal office use, for gaming, for basic internet surging or for industial needs). JL OEM PCs can be built for customers with very tight budget without compromising relibility or for customers who are willing to pay for a very high end desktops.

Advantages of Custom-Built PC

1. Flexible to Customize

As you build the machine, you can mix and match compatible parts to meet a certain budget, or add to the parts of the machine where you need more power. So if you are a gamer, for example, you can focus on buying a better video card. If you are a photographer, and are opening and working with very large digital files, you can spend more on memory. If something changes down the road, you can add to or make changes to your system much easier than a ready made machine.

2. Easier to Upgrade

When building a customised PC, you will have the benefit of a very flexible architecture where all of the parts are independent of each other. Most branded computers have a proprietary motherboard that fits with the case, and also limited CPU and memory upgrade abilities.